Focus on India Tours

Jean-Philipe, a Canadian expat living in Tamil Nadu, offers personalized, introductory tours of north and south India during the season November through February. Dates and itineraries  can be adjusted and customized as desired.

The Great India Yatra, mid November 2020 to mid February 2021,

consisting of:

North India Yatra (Delhi Agra Rajasthan Mumbai Goa),

depart Canada Thursday November 12, 2020, to mid December

Christmas in Goa, mid to end of December

 South India Yatra (Tamil Nadu Kerala Goa Hampi Mysore Ooty),
depart Canada Thursday January 7, 2021, to mid February

From 15 days up to three months



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The Bitcoin Coach

I'm Jean-Philipe, aka JP, The Bitcoin Coach. 

Bitcoin is the global electronic internet currency.

I've been involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since summer 2016, and turned a $5000 initial investment into more than $100,000. 


Setting up your secure Bitcoin wallet is the easy first step. Use your smartphone, tablet and/or computer. I recommend the Coinomi wallet. Be sure to backup your wallet immediately by storing your 12-word seed in a safe place off your phone. Get familiar with the app and its options.

There are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Doge, Ethereum, Litecoin, PIVX, etc., several of which can also be stored in your Coinomi wallet.


I can sell you Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin for CAD$ with a 4% fee (for transactions $500 up to less than $2000), or 3% for $2000 to $4000 (daily maximum). You get $96 or $97 of BTC per $100, less transaction mining fees.

The transaction is calculated on the current market price on , or you can place limit bids.

You can fund your account with me by Interac, and I will send Bitcoin (or other crypto) to your Receive  address.

We can do it all by phone, email, Telegram or Whatsapp, or meet in person in Greater Vancouver (June through September).

You can easily obtain other cryptocurrencies by using Shapeshift or Changelly in your wallet to convert from BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC.

I can also buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin from you and convert to CAD$ up to $2000 daily.


If you open an account on, you need to verify it with identifications just like opening a bank account. Then they charge fees to fund your account by Interac transfer, plus fees on purchases and sales, plus a withdrawal fee. 

You can also buy Bitcoin at BTMs in several Waves coffee shops for about a 9% fee.


"Contact JP to buy your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He is a wizard and a trusted and well respected vendor, and is cheaper than buying at Waves Coffee ATMs. He is awesome! And super helpful!" (Melany)
"Just bought some from JP yesterday, he's great at helping a person get started and up and running." (Sam)
"Thank you re order. Great job! You are a lifesaver!!!" (Christine)

"Thank you sooo much. After how many attempts you made to get me into digital currency, it has finally happened." (Randy)


I recommend Andreas Antonopoulos, Bix Weir, Clif High, Jeff Berwick, and Louis Thomas.


Would you rather buy golden eggs, earn golden eggs, or raise the geese that lay the golden eggs?

If the latter, you may wish to join a mining pool such as BitClub Network. Contact me for more information.